Enclosed Combustion Systems


GBA develops and manufactures SRU Incinerators, suitable to thermally oxidize tail gases, and other streams, associated to SRU Claus units, which convert Sulfur compounds (such as Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbonyl Sulfide, Carbonyl Disulfide, Mercaptans, and others) to Sulfur Dioxide and Sulfur Trioxide at equilibrium.

In the presence of excess Oxygen levels in the gaseous flue gas effluents – minimum 2-3 percent vol – this thermal oxidation process is usually performed in the temperature range 650-850°C [1200-1562°F], with its final selection based upon the emission levels of Carbon Monoxide and VOCs, to be guaranteed at stack outlet.

SRU tail gas incinerators are most often used in conjunction with a heat recovery system to make the whole installation more energy efficient, with the advantage to produce steam, that could be used in the steam utility network of the plant or – when provided at high purity – to feed steam turbines for electrical power generation.

For the Claus SRU process, GBA also designs and supplies Direct Fired Air Heaters, Reducing Gas Generators, Acid Gas Burners, Reaction Furnaces, and can include downstream waste heat boilers (WHB), through system integrators/sub-suppliers.


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