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At GBA, we keep a complete file of the projects executed throughout the years: This allows our aftermarket team to identify any spare part needed through our in-house documentation.  Also, whenever a fast delivery is needed, our team adopts accelerated procurement procedures to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our Clients.

In all cases, the after sales support is handled from our Global Offices, with the logistic and business assistance of our local agents.


If you are not satisfied with the durability of your current equipment, in most cases we can supply spare parts that are fully compatible with equipment designed by others. In fact, the quality of our equipment and spare parts is one of our key strengths!


To complement our equipment supply, GBA provides experienced site engineers for guidance, assistance and troubleshooting expertise in the areas of Site Erection, Commissioning and Inspection.

GBA is extremely experienced when it comes to erecting the tallest flare structures in the world and our experience in delivering this is available for our clients. Our experiences have had GBA engaged to carry out a lump sum turn-key erection or, more usually, by supplying a qualified site supervisor to work with your chosen contractor to achieve a smooth, trouble free and safe installation phase at the site.

At GBA we have a highly qualified and experienced team to support your flare startup. Many of our clients request to have GBA present during the pre-commissioning and commissioning phases of their flare start-up, and we pride ourselves on offering personnel with extensive experience on all our products which can quickly and efficiently get your new flare up and running.

If you are unsure as to the condition of your flare, GBA can carry out duties that range all the way from full structural inspection of the flare derrick/risers to passing an opinion on the condition of the flare tip based on photographs or a drone video. Today’s digital photography is so good that it is often unnecessary to see the flare tip in person to be able to give meaningful advice.

With over 20 years industry knowledge and experience, we pride ourselves with servicing our clients with the best approach and advice.

We do this by ensuring a thorough consultation is carried out before next action steps are agreed.

We ensure that the project is mapped out clearly and concisely and measures taken to deliver the project within time scales agreed.


GBA is available to bring a customized training course to your facility. During their live classes, our experienced instructors will focus their teaching on the actual equipment that was purchased and its operating conditions.

Furthermore, our experts will share their recommendations on how to safely and efficiently operate GBA equipment.

If you wish to receive a quotation for our Training Courses, get in touch with our sales team!


GBA Drone service has the goal of providing Clients with the necessary remediation and/or replacement recommendations following to the analysis and assessment of all integrity aspects of UAV flare inspection data. A complete and comprehensive report will be presented to the customer following each inspection.

The ability to inspect in-service flares can eliminate millions of dollars of OPEX from a company’s bottom line. Detection and monitoring of changes to an operational flare system could potentially avoid future unplanned shutdowns because of the early detection.

The safety risks presented by traditional access methods are also eliminated, including working at significant heights and in a potentially hazardous industrial environment.

While using drone-mounted cameras to capture detailed visual and thermal data, typical components inspected include the flare tip, pilot burners, stack, ladders, platforms, molecular seal and steam lines. The imagery obtained is analyzed and recommendations are provided. This lends to better maintenance planning and decision-making processes for the customer. For instance, preparing accurate turnaround work-scopes and supporting scheduling and the sourcing of labor.


Through in-depth CFD modeling, our engineers can anticipate the flame flow, mixing, and combustion.

CFD is also used by our engineers to evaluate the performance of a flare and its impact on the environment.


GBA offers combustion rental equipment to meet your needs, whether you need an emergency relief flare or a portable incinerator while a permanent unit is being serviced. Our open flaring equipment includes anything from smaller trailer mounted flares to bigger elevated flares. All of our rentable combustion equipment (flares, enclosed vapor combustor, incinerators) can handle a wide range of air streams.

While we have a wide range of capabilities, all GBA rental equipment has the same easy-to-install features and a straightforward customer interface.

Feel free to contact us anytime: GBA Rental team is ready to examine your application in detail.

Examples of Rentable Equipment:

> Skid Mounted Flares

> Trailer Mounted Flares

> Vapor Combustors

> Biogas Flares

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