Elevated Flares

Historically, GBA is globally renowned for designing and building some of the world’s tallest flare structures. Even today, the three 204 meter high flares at Fina in Antwerp remains the tallest flare structures in Europe and the tallest flare stacks in the world, that are capable of being demounted.

Due to the success of our Structures, we pride ourselves as having built examples of almost every type of flare structure imaginable. These range from free standing derricks, guyed derricks, guyed risers (single or twin), self-support, offshore fully welded structures, metallised structures, multi riser-structures and much more. If it’s been done, then we have most likely delivered it and this is something we are very proud of.

Where we excel and specialise in, is demountable riser flare structures. This is a system whereby flare stacks can be spared, such as one duty stack and one stand by the stack. When the duty flare needs maintenance, you would need to switch the gas flow to the stand by riser and demount the duty riser by removing sections of the riser from the base, until the tip arrives at grade. The good news here is that the flare maintenance doesn’t need for the whole plant to shut down or require any extensive real estate for two separate flare structures.

All our structures are designed to all compliant structural design codes including AISC 7-98, BS 8100, Eurocode 8, UBC, DIN and Italian codes to name a few. GBA has the capability of a full analysis of any structure by using the industry standard software called FEA, which results in a cost-effective structure with minimum weight.