GBA StarBurst

A New, Safe and Reliable Flare Ignition System. GBA StarBurst is a Rocket Propelled Pyrotechnic Flare Ignition System

GBA Flare Systems have worked extensively to develop their latest product, called the StarBurst system. The product provides a safe, reliable means of igniting flare tips and pilots as an alternative to both existing pilot based electric ignition systems (like GBA’s CHT system) or to the ballistic systems that use explosive pellets with their attendant hazards.


Historically most flares have employed continuously burning gas pilots ignited either by electric ignition or the more traditional Flame Front Generator. In recent times there has been a move away from the use of continuous pilot burners towards pilotless flares where combustion has been initiated when required by gas flowing to the flare tip. These are often used as part of a “Cold Flare” system where flare gas is recovered and recycled in an attempt to meet the target of “Zero Flaring”.

In this case, the need is for a very reliable means of rapid flare flame ignition when a major release to flare occurs. StarBurst aims to provide that means.

The other method often used to ignite flares features a shotgun to fire star-shells at the gas cloud. This is effective; however, it introduces a firearm to the installation with all the attendant safety and licensing concerns. It also has a limited range, 90m being about the maximum range for a star-shell and lastly, it depends on the skill of the marksman to achieve the necessary accuracy particularly in high winds.