GBA designs and supply recuperative solutions from “waste heat” – associated with hot flue gases generated by thermal oxidizer’s processes – to improve overall plant efficiency, combining at the same time low OPEX expenditures and low Carbon Dioxide emissions because the waste heat recovery allows production of plant utilities, or just usable heat, without any use of additional fuel.

GBA’s recuperative solutions can be supplied in ranges from 1 to 80 MWatts and typically can recover up to 70-80% of the theoretical heat available in the flue gas, being the main limitation for further heat recovery given by flue gas’ minimum temperature to be maintained at stack inlet.

The transfer of heat occurs from the hot flue gases to another medium, such as water, steam, thermal oil, air, waste gases, etc. and occurs in economizers, steam boilers, circulating thermal oil systems, air/waste gas pre-heaters, etc.