The majority of GBA’s equipment is fabricated at our own manufacturing plant located in the north of Italy (Parma).

The GBA workshop, covering 15,500 m2, is almost completely dedicated to the production of flare systems and has a segregated stainless steel shop for the fabrication of flare tips and stainless steel components.

The factory has sufficient area to enable the trial assembly and fit-up of very large flare derrick structures and riser pipes.

The fabrication shop is wholly owned by the GBA group of companies and operates a Quality Management System to ISO 9001.  The factory holds approvals to PED, EN 1090 and other major qualifications.

Depending on workload and other factors GBA also employs other qualified and reputable fabricators around the world.


Flare Tips in GBA’s dedicated  Stainless Steel Shop

Flare Risers ready for shipping out

Trial Assembly of Derrick Structure