GBA offers a full range of ignition equipment to suit all client needs and demands. We offer the well tried and tested Flame Front Generator (FFG) in both forced draft (which uses compressed air) and natural draft (inspirates its own air) versions. However, we find that our modern state of the art CHT High Energy direct electric ignitors are a firm favourite with clients who want a simple to operate, yet reliable ignition system.

Our CHT pilot is an advanced direct electronic ignition pilot which is designed to provide reliable flare ignition over many years of operation. It features the following:

  • High Energy Ignition – totally immune to moisture, dirt or carbon build-up
  • Ignitor Rod protected within the pilot therefore not exposed to high temperatures
  • Ignitors connected by ultra-high temperature cable via plug and socket connection
  • Distance between pilots and panel can be 300m+
  • Automatic Re-ignition
  • Ex-proof and stainless steel panels are available
  • AC mains and DC versions offered

Flame Front Generator ignition system (FFG) with fuel gas control

[Onshore Gas Terminal project, Turkmenistan]


CHT Pilot nozzle