Enclosed combustors by GBA are a cost-effective and efficient option for customers that need to flare excess gases – which might be present, for instance, in pipelines that need to be isolated and accessible for maintenance – in compliance with emission standards while disposing them to atmosphere.

Typically our units are internally lined with soft ceramic fiber layers, suitably selected to withstand the flame and hot temperatures, preventing heat radiation and light to the surroundings.
GBA’s enclosed combustors are suitable for thermal outputs in the standard ranging from 0.5 to 25 MW [1.7 to 85 MMBTU/h] and meet EPA regulation requirements destroying and removing hazardous pollutants with an efficiency of up to 99.9%.
Larger thermal loads are possible by adopting a custom design and by combining several units in a multi-array arrangement with a minimal plot plan area engagement.

Based upon your requirements, we can combine these units on a trailer package, which could be transported and relocated to different sites depending on the needs. The package can be designed to accommodate all valves, instrumentation, blowers, and any kind of control/safety system, in a single trailer ready for mobilization.